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Country Price (USD)
Canada (CA) - Mexico (MX) 315
United States of America (US) 305
England and Euro
See the list bellow
Australia (AU) and New Zealand (NZ) 290
Japan (JP) and China (CN) 280
South Korea (ROK), Taiwan (TW) 270
Thailand (TH), Indonesia (ID), Philippines (PH), Malaysia (MY), Brunei (BN) 265
Singapore (SG) 240
We ship all the world :) If you're not in the list please do not hesitate to contact us
Price's included shipping cost
Customs tax may applied before you receive the package

Countries of Euro

Austria (AT)
Belgium (BE)
Bulgaria (BG)
Croatia (HR)
Cyprus (CY)
Czech Rep., The (CZ)
Denmark (DK)
Finland (FI)
France (FR)
Georgia (GE)
Germany (DE)
Greece (GR)
Hungary (HU)
Iceland (IS)
Ireland, Rep. Of (IE)
Italy (IT)
Latvia (LV)
Malta (MT)
Monaco (MC)
Montenegro, Rep Of (ME)
Netherlands, The (NL)
Norway (NO)
Poland (PL)
Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO)
Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI)
Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE)
Switzerland (CH)
Turkey (TR)
United Kingdom (GB)
Vatican City (VA)
Please choose your location. If you're in Euro, see the list of avaiable countries.
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